Open Minds – Explaining Radicalisation for Prevent and Channel

Anne Khodabandeh 1With nearly forty years of research and experience as activists, campaigners, writers and practitioners, Open Minds is established as a leading authority on cultic abuse and terrorism.

While fear focuses on the very real threat that terrorism poses to the lives of so many people worldwide, the methodology behind this frightening phenomenon is little understood or publicised.

The Open Minds approach provides everyone involved in the Prevent Duty with a clear understanding of how radicalisation happens, what are the mechanisms involved behind the beliefs. This approach does not require knowledge of any particular ideology and, while acknowledging current threats, avoids profiling in order to identify potential radicalisation.

Open Minds explains how terrorist groups recruit, indoctrinate and maintain their members, how they train their members to perform suicide and other terrorist missions and how terrorism is organised. We explain how to identify signs of radicalisation and some of the ways to prevent it.

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