About Us

With nearly forty years of research and experience as activists, campaigners, writers and practitioners, Open Minds is established as a leading authority on cultic abuse and terrorism.

While fear focuses on the very real threat that terrorism poses to the lives of so many people worldwide, the methodology behind this frightening phenomenon is little understood or publicised.

Open Minds provides a tightly-focused response to the Prevent Duty by addressing the lack of experiential information about the process of radicalisation.

We explain how terrorist groups recruit and maintain their members, how they train their members to perform suicide and other terrorist missions and how terrorism is organised.

Cults and Terror website also acts as a starting point for anyone who wishes to find out more about the way terrorists are created. The site aims to act as a resource and also as a portal to further information.

Experience: Open minds personnel have spent over two decades involved with a terrorist entity, at rank and file level and at top leadership level. This experience includes recruitment and training at every level, including suicide operations.

Research: Open Minds has fifteen years of extensive research into cults and cultic practices. From this we have developed a definition of cultic abuse which is ideologically neutral and acts as a model for examining relationships in any organisation which are harmful, controlling and exploitative. Open Minds personnel have published academic papers, books and many articles.

Activism and Campaigns: Open Minds personnel have successfully led and played collaborative roles in exposing and degrading the cultic and criminal activities of one terrorist group in particular – the Mojahedin Khalq. Our activities include?web campaigning,?speeches, advisory and collaborative roles with the European Parliament, UK and other European governments. We have worked as consultants with the government of Iraq to dismantle the terrorist base of the Mojahedin Khalq in that country.

Practitioners: Open Minds personnel have worked since 2003 with families of people in the Mojahedin Khalq to try to rescue their loved ones. Anne Khodabandeh spent five years as a counsellor with the Family Survival Trust offering support, advice and information to families affected by any kind of cultic abuse.

Writers: In addition to books and articles, Open Minds has edited and written for the campaigning website Iran-Interlink.org for fifteen years.