Mapping the Cult Landscape with a New Lexicon

Why Words Matter: An Activist/Campaigner’s Perspective ICSA Conference 2019, Manchester, UK Presentation by Anne Khodabandeh Over the past forty years many things have changed in the field of cults. For an activist and campaigner, it is important to periodically create a new map to explain the changed cult landscape and to think how we can … Continue reading Mapping the Cult Landscape with a New Lexicon

9 July 2019
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Cults In the Workplace

[This article demonstrates that classic cult-forming tactics won’t work if the victim is aware of what is happening – the first step toward cultic abuse is deceptive recruitment – Open Minds Ed] CNS News By Bill Donohue, October 7, 2017 A federal judge has ruled that a Long Island health care company must submit to … Continue reading Cults In the Workplace

2 November 2016
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